10 Most Fascinating Medical Miracles


Fascinating stories from the field of medicine that saved patient’s life. These are the patients who can consider themselves very lucky to have survived in these extraordinary circumstances. People who defied the odds, and showed incredible amount of mental strength and grit in their recovery. You can start believing in miracles when you read these stories of survival where a man fell from a 47 stories skyscraper and did not die. You can consider these survival patients superhumans.

1. Window washer of a skyscraper in New York falls from 47 stories and recovers by Christmas

Source: NYPost.com

A 37 year old man named, Alcides Moreno, in an accident while washing the windows of a skyscraper in New York, fell from 47 stories and landed on the concrete pavement, still alive. In this accident his brother was killed who was working on the same scaffolding platform. Alcides was in a terrible state but still alive.

The doctors operated him on the ER itself instead of shifting him to the operation theater. After the operation, for merely three weeks, Alcides was lying like a vegetable in coma. On the day of Christmas, he showed movement and consciousness, and spoke. Within a month he was recovered to a normal life and was expected to start walking. His story is nothing short of a medical miracle when there are only 50% chances of survival when a person falls from a four storey building.

2. A teenage model continued her career with 11 rods in her body after a gruesome car crash

Source: gabWorthy.com

At the age of 17, when Katrina Burgess had a car crash at 70mph, it broke her back and neck with several injuries. She was put together again with 11 rods, screws, and pins. She was travelling to her hometown when this car accident happened. Her pelvis and ribs were broken and her lungs punctured.

This was one of the most riskiest operations as it would eventually lead to death if the bones were not fused as it would not cure her spinal injuries. After the first operation, rods were installed to provide support to her back and spine. After a few weeks, titanium were installed to provide support to her neck. This teenager recovered only after 5 months after this grave car crash.

3. 14 year old D’Zhana Simmons lived for 118 days without heart

Source: FatosDesconhecidos.com.br

A 14-year old D’Zhana had to go through heart transplantation at a young age. When the new heart that was transplanted failed to function, she was put on artificial pumps to pump the blood throughout her body for four months. This medical miracle made news because she was surviving on artificial pumps with a heart inside her body. At a young age such as being 14-years old, she made news for being alive only on artificial pumps for four months. When her health stabilized, she received another heart transplant and the kidney transplant that helped her recover completely.

4. Martin Jones, 42, a blind man, gets his eyesight back after a tooth is implanted in his eye

Source: Sallyhanreck.com

Martin Jones lost his eyesight at the age of 42 when met with an accident at the place of work. For almost a decade after the accident, he was left blind until this miraculous operation took place. In this operation, a piece of the tooth was implanted in the lens of the eye to hold it.

Martin worked as a builder, and lost his eyesight when a tube of hot aluminum exploded on his face. His body suffered several burns and his left eye had to be removed. Initially stem cells were used to save his eye, but this operation failed. However, his right eye could be saved. In an attempt to get his sight back, a revolutionary operation was conducted in the Sussex Eye Clinic in Brighton. A minuscule part of the tooth of the patient and was chiseled hold the man-made lens and was implanted inside the eyelid. This implant was covered in the eye tissue. The tooth of the living patient was used instead of plastic as the eye rejects plastic implants.

A canine was removed from Martin’s mouth and used as an implant. As a part of skin grafting, a patch of skin from Martin’s cheek was taken and placed inside the eye for two months to receive the blood supply. After two months, the tooth segment is implanted and the patch of the skin that was initially grafted is lifted to place it over this new implant. For the first time in 10 years, Martin was able to see.

5. A Mother could keep both the twins alive by disconnecting the blood vessels

Source: CrazeDo.com

Parents, Shannon and Mike Gimbel were expecting twins. But, the doctor told them that they have to lose one of the twin because the twin girls in the womb suffered from the twin-twin syndrome. Their blood vessels were connected and because of this one twin would train the life out of the other. If this condition was untreated, there were 80% to 90% of chances that both the twins would die. Shannon was admitted in Swedish Medical center, and both the parents were struggling to make a decision about termination a baby which was weaker.

Dr. Kent Heyborne, a physician at the Swedish Medical center suggested that both the twins could be saved. He collaborated with Dr. Michael Belfort and Dr. Robert Bell in Utah City who worked at St. Mark’s Hospital in the Salt Lake City, and performed a laser surgery to freeze the blood vessels of the twins in the womb that were connecting both the twins and slowly causing their death. The mother was holding her breath to listen to the heartbeat of both the girls, Reese and McKenna at the hospital, who were born after this successful surgery.

6. Jordan Taylor, survives orthopedic decapitation after 1% of chance to survive

Source: CBS News

Jordan Taylor, a young body was severely injured in a car accident where his skull was separated from the vertebrate. Post this accident, there was no connection between the bones, neck, and the head. When the doctors evaluated the boy for a surgery, they had suggested that he only had 1% chance of survival. But, Jordan’s family didn’t lose faith.

At that time, the family contacted 20 churches they knew for praying for the survival of their son. Jordan’s head and neck was connected with titanium rods. Jordan recovered after three months of being hospitalized and was back to normal life and joined his school back.

7. Connie Culp, a 46 year old wife, got a new face after being shot by husband

Source: CNN.com

Connie Culp was shot by her husband and this gave her a nose-less face. After the face transplant, she could talk, smell and taste the food again. She still had a woody expression and the skin on her face droops. She can talk though her speech could get a little rough sometimes. After the face transplant, Connie could get a squarish face, and looks much better post the surgery.

Doctors say that they could do away with the bloated and drooping skin on her face once the circulation improves. After her nerves grow and she gets new muscles, she could have a normal face. Connie’s husband shot her with a shotgun. This left her nose, cheeks, and eye, and mouth severely damaged. To help Connie recover from this damage, 30 operations were performed on her face. Through these series of operations Connie was breathing through a windpipe.

Thomas, Connie’s husband shot her in 2004 and turned himself in and went to prison for seven years. Post this attempt to murder, Connie was only left with the upper eyelid, chin, lower lip, and forehead. The leg bones were used to construct the jaw, and ribs were used to construct cheekbones. Skin was grafted from her thighs numerous times. For the longest period of time, she was unable to smell or eat solid food, or eat on her own.

Dr. Maria Siemionow, with a team of doctors, in a 22-hour operation, replaced most of the parts of Connie’s face. Blood vessels, skin, bones, and nerves were taken from a women who just died and were replaced in Connie’s face. This was the fourth face transplant in the world that was successfully conducted. The family of Connie were deeply moved when they saw her new face and were happy to have her back.

8. Glenn Orgias got his hand reattached after being mauled by a shark

Source: fearbeneath.com

Glenn Orgias was 33 years old when he was mauled by a shark while surfing on Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Post this shark attack, his hand was hanging by a 3 centimeter skin which made it almost impossible to reattach the hand. Since, he was immediately rushed to hospital there was still hope of his recovery. Dr. Kevin Ho used leeches to restore the blood flow that was lost considerable in this shark attack. After the surgery, Dr. Ho is hopeful of Glenn’s recovery.

9. A spider bite makes a Paraplegic David Blancarte walk again

Source: factswt.tumblr.com

David Blancarte met with a motorcycle accident at the age of 21. His life was saved but he was unable to move his legs after this accident and confined to a wheelchair. After being confined to a wheelchair for 20 years, he was bitten by a brown spider. He was hospitalized and went through a physical therapy for 8 months. A nurse noticed a spasm in one of his legs and ran tests to evaluate his condition. After five days David started to walk again.

10. Stimulation electrodes bring back a nearly vegetative man back to life

Source: Wikipedia

After a serious assault, a man was left in a vegetative state for six years. His brain was severely injured, and he was unable to speak or eat. The doctors performed a revolutionary surgery and implanted electrodes that stimulated the deeper layers and the undamaged portion of his brain. Doing this dramatically improved him and helped him get out of his vegetative state that he could feed himself, recognize and talk to his parents, and brush his hair.

This technique has been used before to treat Parkinson’s disease and a neurological disorder like Tourette’s Syndrome. Recovery of this man has raised many hopes regarding the Deep Brain Stimulation(DBS) technique which could bring a person back to consciousness.

Medical miracles have oddities that are jaw dropping and make you want to think beyond science and logic for once. These cases have a shock value and give more insights about how body and mind can work to create mystic miracles. These extraordinary cases of survival post the most dangerous accidents in the medicine world can make you marvel think beyond science and calculations.