15 Facts From Medical Professionals They Wish Everyone Knew


We all are aware of the fact that “Health is Wealth” yet we take it lightly. Health is one thing which everyone should take super seriously. There are people who drink and smoke in excess and avoid exercising. On a reddit thread medical professionals suggested the facts everyone should know for a better life.


Here are 15 medical facts that many of us are completely unaware about.

1. If you get in an accident as a biker, don’t take your helmet off your head under any circumstances. You can unhook the strap if you really need to not suffocate, but that’s it.

Many times, your head will break like an egg and the helmet is basically the only thing preventing your skull from being skewered by your cranium shards or spilling out as it provides excellent support for the delicate cervical vertebrae, so ask the rider to leave it in place until medical aid arrives. Monitor the casualty’s breathing closely and be ready to remove if airway or breathing are compromised.

2. It’s significantly more effective to prevent cancer than it is to treat it, but the world isn’t interested because most people just want a pill to fix their problems.

To avoid cancer you should avoid smoking, start wearing sunscreen, stop drinking excessively. One should do a bit of exercise and eat some green vegetables. There would be a huge drop in cancer risk rather than getting treatments and having medicines.

3. The pregnancy tests you get in the ER is no different from the one at the store and equally accurate.

4. One should keep a track of their medical history and they drug they have been consuming. The EMRs are not efficient to be depend upon, patients keep going to different institutions, hence one cannot simply rely upon the EMRs.

5. It is because of the Immune System that the body is able to fight and eradicate diseases without out knowledge, the immune system eradicates about 6-10 cancers, not making us realize this. Our immune system even fights with the micro trauma and police of the entire population of billions of cells in our body. To keep your immune system strong, one must follow certain precautions like, not to smoke, focus on the weight loss, exercise daily, drink in limits at the end of the day we must realize the importance of our body and take care of it.

6. The alcoholics should admit that they are one in the hospitals when asked about their consumption habit. The patients should not lie about the quantity of alcohol that they consume. There are drugs that the doctors can give which would take the edge off of withdrawals. These drugs would be safer for you and would help you heal faster. The doctors are not there to judge their patients, it is the safety that they are concerned about.

7. One should keep an eye on the weight. If face rapid unintentional weightless or gain it is often a sign of something serious that is coming up. Some diseases that are caused due to the problem of weight are, Muscle loss, Cancer, Hyperthyroidism, HIV and AIDS, Peptic ulcer disease, Congestive Heart Failure to name a few. Hence it is very important to keep an eye on your weight.

8. We should understand that there is a difference between treating the symptom and curing the disease. If you have fever and you take Tylenol or Ibuprofen you are only treating the symptom temporarily. One should visit the doctor and have proper medications as per their prescription. Having Tylenol or Ibuprofen would bring down the symptom but would infect everyone else too.

9. If the hearing loss is not treated on time the brain loses connections to sound and impairs the ability to understand speech more and more the longer you go with the untreated hearing loss. Is it so because damage to the structure of the inner ear or the nerves connecting the ear to the brain.

10. Viral infections cannot be treated with Antibiotics. Upto one-third to one-half use of antibiotics that we use is inappropriate or unnecessary. Every year in US there are about 47 million unnecessary consumption of the antibiotics. Antibiotics do not fight infections caused by viruses like colds, flu, most sore throats, and bronchitis. Even many sinus and ear infections can get better without antibiotics. Instead, symptom relief might be the best treatment option for these infections. Taking antibiotics for viral infections, such as colds, flu, most sore throats, and bronchitis:

  • Will not cure the infection
  • Will not keep other people from getting sick
  • Will not help you or your child feel better
  • May cause unnecessary and harmful side effects
  • May contribute to antibiotic resistance, which is when bacteria are able to resist the effects of an antibiotic and continue to cause harm.

Also, if you are on an antibiotic treatment, you should not immediately stop it because you start feeling better, there is a course of antibiotic that needs to be completed.

11. Whenever you suspect that the person who has met with an accident is not breathing by themselves, you should begin the CPR immediately and not wait for the medical professionals to arrive, continue the CPR if needed to be performed for several hours. CPR is done to keep the patient awake and when this is done it is to sustain the most vital bodily function- the circulation of oxygen to the brain. It should be done until we make the patient reach the hospital.

12. Whenever there is a tooth ache, it means you need to see the dentist. The tooth ache may go away for a while but it doesn’t mean that its better now. Many times, it’s the calm before the abscess. It may go from dying to the dead. To abscessed in as fast as a day or sooner.

13. One must understand that there isn’t any substitute that would be available for exercising. If exercising were a pill, it’d be the most prescribed drug in existence. If the doctor has asked you to exercise just do it without giving excuses, opt would be for your own good and do not compromise by taking tablets instead of working out.

14. The reason for majority of headaches are either lack of sleep or lack of the consumption of water. One must keep a check on these two factors before consulting a doctor.

15. The patients should not stop the medications by themselves, no matter how good you start feeling. Patients stop antibiotics and relapse. If you stop taking your insulin you could come up with DKA, stopping the consumption of anti-hypertensives would lead to stroke. Before stopping any drug unless cleared, consult a doctor for the same. Most of the diseases present can only be managed and cannot be cured. If you are diabetic, you should consult the doctor atlatl once in a month. It should be kept in mind to not mix alcohol and the anti-depressants.


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