Clever First Aid Blanket that helps to Save Lives

What would you do in a real life situation?

Everybody should know basic First Aid, but few people actually do. Sure we’ve all seen people being resuscitated in movies, but would you actually know what to do in real life?

Well, while this First Aid Blanket won’t compensate for proper First Aid training, it might still help you to save somebody’s life.

clever first aid blanket 4
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In situations of emergency, people usually do not offer help as they are unaware of first aid procedures and are afraid of making the situation even worse.

The First Aid Blanket offers clear instructions with regards to dealing with an unconscious victim. The blanket is made from textile with printed-on information graphics that allows it to come at a cheap price.

clever first aid blanket 2
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Designed by Zhejiang University, China, the blanket, won the prestigious Red Dot Award for conceptual design, is specifically designed to assist in cases of drowning.

clever first aid blanket 3
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The information on the blanket can also complement existing first aid kits, as materials are shown with their usage. Different flaps can pop out from the blanket itself, making the process easier to understand.

clever first aid blanket
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The First Aid Blanket, as it is catered towards drowning victims, can be installed by water side and attached to life belts so that it is easily found during emergencies.