The Curious Case of Jean Hilliard, Who Revived Completely After Freezing Rock Solid for 6 Hours


In some point of time or the other, we have come across an event in our lives which make us wonder that how did such an event occur? Such miracles take place all over the world and leave us spellbound and mesmerized at the same time. There are some miracles which do not make sense whereas some have a little bit of sanity attached to them. But in general, in most of the cases, we cannot prove a solid logic behind their occurrence or to their existence at all.

One such incident took place in the year 1980 when a young girl called Jean Hilliard came back to life all of a sudden after being frozen to death at -22°F temperature in Minnesota. Even though the doctors could not provide a solid explanation of the incident, this incident actually occurred and is now a part of the folklore of the city.


In the small town of Lengby, Minnesota, Jean Hilliard who was just 19 years old had an automobile accident when her car skidded off the icy roads and fell into a ditch. This event took place on 20th of December in the year 1980. This event occurred when she was returning to her home after she had spent the evening at her friend’s house nearby. When this event occurred the weather conditions outside was freezing and according to the weather report, the official temperature was -22°F this happened. While she was driving back home her car got out of her control and fell into a ditch beside the road. But the important thing to consider was that during the entire incident she was totally unhurt. In order to get some help, she ditched her car and started walking on the gravel roads in order to find someone who could help her.


She thought if she would remain in the car than she would have frozen to death instead she decided that searching for help might be the better option. So she started walking towards her friend’s house who lived nearby. But she was unaware of the fact that in reality, her friend lived quite far and the -22°F temperature was enough to make some someone unable to even walk due to the cold and snow. She still continued her journey and walking for hours against the wind to her friend’s place and at the end of the event, her legs were terribly frozen and stiff. In her effort to reach her friend’s house, Jean fell just short of her goal as she completely collapsed on her friend’s driveway and could not make it to her door. Two miles of walking in the snow had completely exhausted her and she had no more energy to take another step.

Later on, Jean recollected that when she saw her friends driveway she completely fell apart. Due to immense tiredness and horrifying weather condition she could not move a single inch to reach the door. This incident took place at around 1 a.m. in the night and she just laid there at the place where she collapsed and waited for someone to help her get through. But there was no one to help her at all. As a result of this, she was out here lying in the freezing cold for six excruciating hours as her body slowly but steadily froze and she turned into an ice sculpture.


In the morning next day, at around 7 am in the morning her friend, named Wally Nelson came out of his house in order to do his daily chores. He found Jean lying face down in the snow. He thought that she was dead as her body had become pale and she looked like a lifeless white ghost. Immediately he took her to the nearby Fosston Municipal Hospital. They reached the hospital at around 8 a.m. On seeing her condition the doctors had no idea what to do with her and how to save her. As being in the snow for such a long time had drastically affected her body and she was not responding to a kind of medical help given to her.

According to the medical records, Jean was breathing very slowly and also her heart was just meandering along at around eight beats per minute as compared to the normal rate of 72 beats per minute. Because of the fact that she was frozen like a rock, the doctors were unable to measure the temperature of her body as there was no place to insert it. Even the joints of her body were frozen stiff and not moving. They could not pierce her skin with a needle and could not even move any of her body parts. As a result of this, they could not administer her with any medication. Even her eyes were not responding to light put on her. There were no signs of life in her entire body as she seemed completely dead and lifeless. In order to raise her body temperature to the normal, they used several hot water bags to raise the body temperature.


After all the efforts of the doctors at around 1 pm Jean started making some noises and requested the doctors to give her some water. It was a miraculous event as she seemed to come to life after her mother had prayed for her. She started moving her hands by that day night and from the third day she was even able to move her legs. He proved the doctors wrong as there was no need for any kind of amputation required to help recover. After spending around six days in the ICU she was finally transferred to a normal room to help her recover.

After around 49 days of treatment, Jean had recovered completely and she was declared fit by the doctors to do all the normal daily activity. This incident was a really strange event as even after suffering so much there were no real losses or sufferings which she encountered in her body. She was totally fit and fine and had no marks of the terrifying ordeal which she faced a few days ago. The fact she made through that night and came back to life after being frozen has left many doctors and specialists around the world baffled.

During this incident, nature had truly left everyone at a loss for words.