These Signs Suggest You Might Be Suffering From Depression But Just Don’t Know It Yet


We always aspire to fit and healthy. While physical health is often kept under check, many times we tend to ignore our mental health.

Depression is one such mental disorder which can occur to anyone at any point of time. We casually comment on someone being depressed without actually realizing the seriousness of this disorder.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 19 million Americans suffer from depression. Women are more prone to depression as compared to men. Here are some early indicators of depression which might help you to heal it in the early stages.

You tend to work hard instead of working smart

Not just at your office, you tend to lift more weights or run those extra miles at gym to overcome the depressed state. It gives you a momentary relief but doesn’t solve the reason why you’re depressed.


You over-socialize with people

There are always two sides. You either hide in that shell or go out there like a maniac. Getting busy with people does take your mind off whatever that depresses you but when you’re back to normalcy, it hits you harder.

You feel absolutely nothing

You become a stone, a zombie who feels absolutely nothing. This is a sign that something is bothering you and you better address it soon.

Sex becomes an achievement

What used to be mere pleasure all of a sudden becomes an achievement. The feeling of content gradually lowers and gets replaced by an unintended urge to succeed and prove yourself in bed.

A simple argument escalates into a fight

You tend to escalate small conflicts into fights and lose your temper every now or then. You won’t even realize why you’re taking a small matter to a huge scale and will end up regretting but with a hint of depression.


The ability to concentrate reduces

This happens mostly when you’re your brains out to solve a problem at office and are just not able to focus. The thoughts that bother you keep bothering you at such times and the harder you try to concentrate, the worse it gets.

You don’t appreciate if someone praises you

Ignorance to some favourable gestures made by your friends or colleagues is a surprising sign that you might be depressed about something.

Having said all of that, if you notice any of these, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re depressed. These are just some of the symptoms mentioned by renowned psychiatrists of the world.

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